L Lysine 1000 mg
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L-Lysine 1000Mg 100 Tabs

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Support good immune system function and keep your heart healthy with this L-lysine capsules. It also appears to promote brain health by reducing mental stress and anxiety.

Vitamin B6 is used in this supplement to aid the function of lysine. It may help to break down proteins‚ maintain normal blood sugar levels‚ and deal with conditions related to the heart and brain. It also appears to boost the immune system and help with conditions related to the skin‚ eyes‚ and bladder.

L-Lysine aids in the production of essential proteins in the body such as enzymes‚ hormones and antibodies. It also helps to produce collagen and carnitine to support skin‚ bone and tendon health. L-Lysine in this dietary supplement from Country Life® could potentially renew collagen in the lips and mouth to keep them moisturized and elastic.